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A Caring Community at Welford Chase

Mar 26, 2020 11:12:09 PM posted in Welford Chase, Residential

During these uncertain times of social isolation the sense of community spirit between our residents has been outstanding and a real pleasure to see. For many of our residents the idea of living in a friendly and secure community of like minded neighbours was a big part their decision to move into a park home development. One of our residents from Welford Chase has written this wonderful poem to ...

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Downsizing Improved our Bank Balance and Lifestyle

Mar 19, 2020 4:41:56 PM posted in Residential, Marston

My wife is a well of good ideas. Well, she thinks her ideas are good ones, but sometimes I beg to differ. She has her moments, but in response to some of them I smile politely, then cross my fingers she’ll forget.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) statement

Mar 17, 2020 8:10:06 AM

  At Avon Estates Limited, the health and wellbeing of our owners, touring park guests and team members is our number one priority. We want to keep you updated regarding the continued media scrutiny around coronavirus (COVID-19). The latest advice that we have received from the government is as follows: ‘Essential travel does not include visits to second homes, campsites, caravan parks or ...

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Avon Estates Ltd Acquire Ross on Wye's Broadmeadow Caravan Park

Oct 5, 2018 7:54:38 PM

PRESS RELEASE 02/10/2018: Ross-on-Wye’s five-star caravan and camping park, Broadmeadow Park  has  announced an acquisition by leading owner and operator of UK holiday and home parks, Avon Estates Ltd for an undisclosed sum. After planning, developing and having run this fantastic family run caravan park for over two decades, Mr & Mrs Brian and Elizabeth Edwards, (pictured) have decided to hang ...

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GoldShield: Some Frequently Asked Questions

Jun 25, 2018 4:32:58 PM

    Park homes feature everything and if you are considering moving into a park home or interested in owning a holiday home it is important that they are GoldShield registered. To know more about GoldShield warranty and how it protects you from any financial loss. Read and learn everything you need to know about GoldShield warranty.  

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The 5 benefits of buying a park home

Mar 16, 2018 8:00:00 PM

Have you been searching for a park home to purchase so that you can enjoy visiting it and spending some time in comfort away from your routine? If so, you may wish to consider investing in a park home as opposed to brick and mortar housing. Many people who are looking for new homes are put off by the high costs of purchasing a traditional house, but park homes can provide significant amounts of ...

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Park Home Living |The Pros and Cons

Feb 22, 2018 7:54:00 PM

Are you thinking about selling your big house and moving into a park home? Park homes are terrific options for retirees or empty nesters who are tired of maintaining large houses. Before you take the plunge and buy a park home, though, you probably want to know some of the pros and cons of park home living. What are people like you saying about their retirement park homes? Read on to find the ...

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Buying a Park Home: Is It Worth it?

Feb 16, 2018 8:40:00 PM

Buying a brick and mortar home is a significant investment—one of the biggest that most people make in their lifetimes. Despite the cost—and debt—associated with buying a home, though, the transaction is considered to be worthwhile. Smart real estate investments can hold or accrue value over time, making them a smart investment as well as a place to live. If you’re considering buying a park home, ...

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Why Park Living is an Attractive Option for Seniors?

Feb 2, 2018 1:24:05 PM

 An comfortable place to live is one of the most fundamental needs and desires shared by most — and we can often spend much of our lives chasing the idea of our "dream home" until we finally find the right location. For many, that property is a spacious and functional house that offers the opportunity to start a family and raise children. Ultimately, though, there comes the point in one's life ...

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Downsizing to a Park Home

Jun 19, 2017 9:04:00 AM

Now that you've finally reached the age of retirement, you can start enjoying more free time than ever before, but you might be wondering how you're going to live only on your pension. While many people invest in private pension funds, save money their whole lives and perhaps have a few other streams of cash to supplement their income after retiring, most of us have to figure out how to make a ...

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