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A Caring Community at Welford Chase

Mar 26, 2020 11:12:09 PM

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During these uncertain times of social isolation the sense of community spirit between our residents has been outstanding and a real pleasure to see. For many of our residents the idea of living in a friendly and secure community of like minded neighbours was a big part their decision to move into a park home development. One of our residents from Welford Chase has written this wonderful poem to sum up the caring community that she has become part of since moving to the development. We wanted to share this with you.

Buy a Welford Chase home

Buy a Welford Chase home
And you’ll never feel alone
Come hell or high water,
you know you oughta
Cos we’ve got each others back
With a group on “Whats App”
Sharing Recipes and Jokes
Looking out for “vulnerable folks”
I cannot tell a lie
Its keeping spirits high
As these strange times have come
We’re looking out for each and everyone
As we all have “Locked Down”
It good to know who’s around
On our balcony’s we sit
Reading, model making …some knit!
One or two take a walk
Always finding someone who’ll talk
Catching snippets of chat
Making sure though to stand back
If one ventures out
Anything you need they’ll shout
A newspaper here a prescription there
Showing a community that really care
So as we sit pondering in the sun
Wondering when this virus will be overcome
I say to you don’t hesitate
Don’t put it off and say “we’ll wait”
Because there’s no better place to be
Than this warm, oh so friendly community.

Karen Swann - Welford Chase Resident Since Oct 2018

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