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Why You've Never Considered Buying a Park Home

Jun 13, 2017 10:53:04 AM

As you start to approach retirement, you'll either be excited about having more time to yourself or worried about how to adjust to living with a pension rather than a monthly wage. You may even be worried about how to spend time now that you'll no longer have work to occupy it, but with careful planning and by making some changes, you can certainly enjoy your golden years in style.

If you think your pension isn’t going to cover your cost of living, you might like to consider the idea of downsizing, and it doesn't necessarily have to be to a smaller property.

Many people assume the only way to make money from selling their home is to buy a small bungalow with little space in a less than favourable area, but that's because they fail to think about relocating to a park home. Unfortunately, there remain some unfavourable myths about park home living that put people off before even thinking about it, but Park homes offer all the luxuries of bricks and mortar without the astronomical price tag.

Below, this article talks about some of these myths and explains how they're just untrue.

Busting the Myths of Park Home Living

To show you why Park home life is something you should at least consider when you retire, we've detailed some of the misunderstandings associated with park homes below.

consider buying a park home myths and facts


  • I'll have to live in a caravan for the rest of my life

You shouldn't even for a second think that park homes are the same as caravans. When you think of caravans, you probably think about a tiny living space that you attach to the back of your car to spend a weekend away. Park homes remain in one place, and they have as much room as a small house.


  • Moving to a park home means giving up the luxuries of bricks and mortar

Many people dismiss the idea of relocating to a park home assuming they couldn't possibly adjust to life without a modern kitchen, large bedroom with a king-sized bed, and a comfortable living room. However, Park homes feature everything that a traditional house does, so you'll still be able to live in style with a large TV and a kitchen that's more than equipped to cook delicious meals.


  • I'll have to live with large families with children on holiday

There are many different park home estates with different purposes, but many residential estates are for the over 50s only, so you won't have to put up with noisy families while you're trying to enjoy some peace and serenity in your golden years. Of course, your friends and relatives are welcome to visit at any time.


  • Park homes are only for people who don’t have money

People don't move to Park homes because they have a lack of money – they relocate to such estates to make their pension stretch as far as possible so they can live out their dreams after retiring. You could make hundreds of thousands from the sale of your property and spend just a fraction of it on a park home, and you'll live with hundreds of like-minded people.

Moving to a Park Home Could be the Best Thing You Ever Do

presthope-how-to-prepare-for-retirement-topYou should forget about any negative stereotype associated with park home life because they're untrue, and you'll have a huge nest egg with which to spend how you like so that you can enjoy retirement to its maximum potential. You'll have a luxurious, spacious property with all the amenities you need, be surrounded by people just like you, and you won't have to change your lifestyle because of giving up bricks and mortar.


If you are considering the move to a park home or you're interested in buying a park home for sale in Shropshire, simply take a look at some of our homes for sale or get in touch with one of our friendly team by completing the contact form >>HERE<<

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