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Downsizing to a Park Home

Jun 19, 2017 9:04:00 AM


Now that you've finally reached the age of retirement, you can start enjoying more free time than ever before, but you might be wondering how you're going to live only on your pension. While many people invest in private pension funds, save money their whole lives and perhaps have a few other streams of cash to supplement their income after retiring, most of us have to figure out how to make a pension that's worth much less than our previous monthly salary stretch as far as possible.

Because you no longer have a job, you might not have access to the likes of personal loans, and refinancing your home may not be an option if you can't afford to continue making monthly repayments for the next 15 to 30 years. If you need a lump sum of cash when your pension just isn't enough, the obvious next step is to sell your home and downsize to a smaller property. However, if you want to keep as much profit from your home's sale as possible, you ought to consider relocating to a luxurious park home rather than a smaller house.

Why is Moving to a Park Home a Good Idea?

Average UK house prices are now well over £200,000, and while it's possible to find much more affordable properties, it shows you how much money you could stand to make from selling your house and subsequently keep by spending just a fraction of it on a park home.



If you want to keep as much profit from your home's sale as possible but still want to live in a traditional house, you may need to give up lots of space and potentially move to an area you'd prefer to avoid. Even if you remain as active as ever in your golden years, you might not want to live in an industrial area that offers little peace and serenity. However, even though park homes are much more affordable than bricks and mortar, there's no lack of peace and tranquillity on the estate.

Some park homes exist specifically for people aged 50 and over, and again, while many over 50-year-olds are still very active, you won't have to put up with the sound of drunken youngsters on a weekend or the constant noise of traffic rushing by your home. You can enjoy walking around a beautiful estate without watching over your shoulder for congestion or battling huge crowds. Most importantly, you won't need to give up any of the luxuries you currently enjoy.


Park Homes are More Luxurious than You Might Think



Some people fail to consider the benefits of living in a park home because they assume they'll have to give up things like a spacious living room and a kitchen will all the modern amenities you need, but that's not true. Park homes contain all the luxuries you'd find in a conventional property, and they provide ample space for you and your better half to live in comfort. Additionally, you'll live in a charming setting alongside like-minded people who have similar interests to you, and there's nothing like having good company as you enjoy your golden years. Think about what you could do with all the money you'd make from your home's sale while still living in comfort will all the amenities and you can see why downsizing to a park home is at least worth considering.


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