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GoldShield: Some Frequently Asked Questions

Jun 25, 2018 4:32:58 PM




Park homes feature everything and if you are considering moving into a park home or interested in owning a holiday home it is important that they are GoldShield registered. To know more about GoldShield warranty and how it protects you from any financial loss.

Read and learn everything you need to know about GoldShield warranty.



What is a GoldShield warranty?

A GoldShield warranty is a guarantee that protects you against financial loss from inherent structural faults with your lodge. If you're registered for this cover, GoldShield will cover the cost of repairing any hidden defects with your home and any damage they have caused.

As we progress with increased registrations of our market-leading warranty, here are some frequently asked questions, to assist you in registering your Park Home.


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The GoldShield 10-year warranty is for park home owners. It is provided and administered on behalf of the manufacturers and the NCC, the industry’s trade body. All eligible homes and parks are listed here.




How do I register my Park Home for the free warranty?

Unless the owner of the park your property is sited on completes the process for you, it's your responsibility to ensure your GoldShield warranty is registered. To register your warranty, when you purchase your home, you should receive a Home Owner's Application Form, or you can contact us to obtain one. You will need to complete this form and send it to us within 90 days of purchasing your home.

I have had my park home for some time – is it still eligible?

GoldShield offer a 5-year amnesty that allows park owners to register any homes on their site that are less than five years old. This is something you can speak to your park manager about. Alternatively contact us to find out if your home is still eligible.

What does the warranty cover?

GoldShield covers years 3–10, offering protection against any major inherent defect in the structure of your home. An inherent defect is defined as a fault present, but not known at the time of purchase. For more, see here:

Can I secure further cover for my park home?

Yes, GoldShield offer a selection of Care Schemes for home owners. GoldShield Care covers required park home maintenance responsibilities and minor repairs and is the perfect way to save on your annual park home maintenance and repair bills. If you're covered by our market-leading GoldShield warranty scheme, it will also ensure your residence meets all the necessary requirements if you ever need to make a claim. Learn more here:










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