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Community Spirit - Just Like the Good Old Days

May 22, 2017 1:18:00 PM


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If you're trying to make the most of your retirement, you might think it's a shame that you can't enjoy the sense of community you once could. You probably remember your town as it was decades ago with a population much smaller when everybody knew each other on a first name basis, and you could always count on receiving a smile, a wave and a friendly conversation from passers-by.

Nowadays, everybody seems too stressed and busy to take five minutes out of their day to get to know people in the town. Plus, activities the younger generations appear to adore – such as cruising around town in loud, modified cars and binge drinking at the weekends – may have spoiled your area's peaceful, quaint charm. Fortunately, if you're longing for the good old days during retirement, there is a way you can get them back.

Park homes aren't just there for senior citizens who need to sell bricks and mortar for a retirement nest egg; they're there for those want to experience a real sense of community once again and live on an estate full of like-minded people.


There's No Community Like a Park Home Community


Of course, being over 50 doesn’t mean you can't enjoy some of life's action-packed activities, and a significant portion of retirees still enjoy playing sports and going for a drink or two at the pub. However, if you've already lived out most of your dreams when you were young, you might prefer to spend most of the time relaxing now that you've entered your golden years. Park home life offers relaxation and peace like few things in this world, and yet you won't be left isolated or without companionship.




Most park home residents are over 50-years-old and decided to give up bricks and mortar to live in a community of similar people. They were tired of listening to the loud and often intoxicated gangs of youths when they were trying to catch an early night on a Friday, and they no longer wanted to live with the congestion and stress that urban life brings. Instead, they chose to sell their properties and move into a luxurious park home, and for a broad range of reasons, you might want to follow in their footsteps.

By adopting park home living, you'll make new friends that will provide entertainment for years if not decades to come, and you'll love hearing their stories and having them to talk to whenever you like. Plus, when you want some time to yourself, you can relax in your large, detached park home enjoying all the activities you can enjoy in a house, whether it's watching daytime TV or sipping a glass of fine wine in the evening. Downsizing doesn't mean downgrading, and your park home offers all the amenities of bricks and mortar, such as a spacious bedroom with a king-sized bed, a kitchen will all the modern amenities and a comfortable living room with a large TV and sofa.


More Money in Your Pocket, and a Return to the Good Old Days




If you decide to give up the house which is probably much larger than you need and move into a park home, you'll make a handsome nest egg to supplement your pension and live in a place that will make your golden years as comfortable as possible. You'll love your new neighbours, experience peace and serenity, and still enjoy all the luxuries you did in a house, so if you've never considered relocating to a park home estate, now might be the time to do so.


If you are considering the move to a park home or you're interested in buying a park home for sale in Shropshire, simply take a look at some of our park homes for sale or get in touch with one of our friendly team by completing the contact form >>HERE<<

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