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Top Hobbies to Enjoy for the Over 50s

May 15, 2017 8:46:34 AM


If you’re over 50 and approaching retirement, you might be starting to wonder how you’re going to fill your free time when work commitments become a thing of the past. It’s a good idea to take up a new hobby or two following retirement to keep your mind occupied and body active, and many studies have shown that doing so can add years to your life. Some estimates say there will be double the number of over 65s in the world by 2030, and the best way for seniors to improve their quality of life is to forget about the stereotype that bingo and chess are the only hobby options and instead focus on ways to remain active, happy and healthy.

We’re not trying to suggest that you take up gymnastics or mixed martial arts, and there’s nothing to stop you enjoying a little peace and serenity when you want to relax. However, by keeping active, whether alone, with your partner or with friends, you will find that retirement can exceed your expectations.

You’re Never Too Old to Try Something New

Here are some of the top hobbies loved by millions of people enjoying their golden years, and they’ll keep your mind and body in tip-top shape.

  • Swimming

presthope-top-hobbies-swimming-320.jpgSwimming is a fantastic form of exercise for anybody, regardless of their age, and it’s ideal for senior citizens because it doesn’t put too much pressure on their bones and joints. Swimming is about relaxing while taking a load off your feet, and even if you’ve lost some mobility, there are aids available to ensure you can still enjoy swimming as a hobby.

  • Get Creative

Painting-Classes.jpgAs mentioned above, keeping your mind active is of the utmost importance during
 retirement, and creative hobbies, such as photography, sketching and even sculpting, will keep your brain razor sharp. Don’t assume artistic hobbies are reserved for today’s youth because just about anybody can utilize their imagination to create something inventive and beautiful.

  • Walking

Clubs-and-Societies.jpgYou’d be surprised by the number of seniors who don’t let age put them off activities such as jogging and running, but if you haven’t quite got the energy for that – as many youngsters don’t nowadays – you can always enjoy a nice stroll in a peaceful place. If your current urban environment doesn’t have quiet places to walk, you could always consider moving to a park home estate and make a handsome profit from your home’s sale in the process.

  • Travel

Travel broadens the mind, and that’s true plane-841441_1920.jpgfor children, university graduates, middle-aged parents, and seniors. You have ample opportunity to visit both domestic and international hotspots during retirement, though you may need a sizeable nest egg to make this kind of hobby possible. Again, relocating from bricks and mortar to a luxurious park home could give you thousands of pounds with which to spend however you like.

You Don’t Need to Continue Funding an Expensive House

It’s all good and well talking about new and exciting hobbies assuming everybody has the resources to do whatever they like, but sadly, some seniors struggle to make ends meet when the pay checks stop coming. However, the most expensive aspect of living has to be running a home, but you don’t need to stick to your townhouse in a busy environment if you’d rather enjoy the finer things in life.

By selling your property, you could make hundreds of thousands in profit from the equity, and you’d still have a significant amount left over by moving to a park home. Park homes feature all the amenities of a house without the expensive upkeep or noisy surroundings, allowing you to enjoy walking, traveling, swimming and creative hobbies as and when you please.


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