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The 5 benefits of buying a park home

Mar 16, 2018 8:00:00 PM

Have you been searching for a park home to purchase so that you can enjoy visiting it and spending some time in comfort away from your routine?

If so, you may wish to consider investing in a park home as opposed to brick and mortar housing. Many people who are looking for new homes are put off by the high costs of purchasing a traditional house, but park homes can provide significant amounts of luxury at far more reasonable prices. Of course, purchasing a quality home of any kind will still require a certain degree of investment, but in many cases buying a park home is well worth the resources required.


The following are several important benefits you can experience by purchasing a park home. Take note of these unique advantages during your search for a new property, and use them to help you make a satisfactory decision:

  1. Ease of Maintenance

Park homes are more compact than traditional houses, which means they usually are much easier to clean. A smaller and more compact home means fewer square feet of carpet to vacuum or tiles to polish, less furniture to rearrange and fewer closets to clean out. Remember: you aren’t buying a park home so that you can spend your entire day doing chores. When you purchase a park home, you’ll have a smaller space that is easier to keep tidy so that you can make the most of it with minimal effort.




  1. Lower Price Point

The process of buying a park home is much the same as the acquiring any other house: you still need to make a down payment and take out a mortgage loan (generally from a company that deals with park homes specifically). However, there is one crucial difference: the amount of money that changes hands when you buy a park home is considerably less than it would be if you were purchasing a typical house.


  1. High-Quality Builds

Some people imagine that purchasing a park home will subject them to a building made from inferior quality materials, but this assumption is wholly incorrect. In fact, modern park homes are manufactured from extremely strong materials using the latest methods. As a result, the quality of the builds for many newer park homes is much higher than many people expect it to be. Because modern park homes are completed inside factories instead of being built progressively, they may also be less likely to contain design flaws or errors in their construction. A centralised approach results in fewer opportunities for missed communication during the building process.


  1. Lower Utility Costs

As stated earlier, park homes are much smaller than other dwellings. However, this provides another advantage in addition to their relative ease of maintenance: namely, a lack of high utility costs. Heating a smaller space is considerably cheaper than warming up a larger one, and the same principle applies to cooling. Fewer lights to turn on also means potentially lower electricity costs.


  1. Long Lasting with Proper Care

Some people are concerned that park homes will not last as long as other kinds of housing. However, a well-maintained park home can still be expected to last a long time. In fact, many park homes last for at least 70 or 80 years, and they have been known to last even longer when the owners are particularly dedicated to their maintenance.

Park homes’ size and nature make them beneficial for owners in many ways. If you are looking to down-scale, why not consider a park home? You may find that it is the most convenient property you have ever owned.









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