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The Truth About Park Home Living

Jan 23, 2017 6:46:29 PM

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Rather unfortunately, negative stereotypes and misleading reputations often prevent us from making lifestyle changes that we’d likely love. Aspiring middle-aged travellers think they’re too old to enjoy hostels even though they open up a world of affordable travel, and some people still assign specific genders to particular hobbies. As soon as you hear the phrase ‘residential park’, you might think of images of crumbling trailer parks as seen on TV or the travelling community as seen on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. However, in reality, park home estates are luxurious, peaceful, and within proximity to scenic sights and adventures, and many people significantly improve their quality of life after making the big move. Below, we’ve debunked some popular myths about residential park home estates.


falseMyth #1 – Park Homes are for People Who Can’t Afford a House

This myth stems from images we see of trailer park Estates in the USA and Canada, and many people believe others live in this places through lack of choice. However, though life in a luxurious lodge is affordable – perhaps more so than living in bricks and mortar – park home estates aren’t reserved for those who need a cheap place to live. On the contrary, park home estates attract people who wish to improve their quality of life by moving to a peaceful place filled with fantastic local amenities, a lower cost of living and like-minded people.


falseMyth #2 – Park Homes are Only for the Elderly

Needless to say, park home estates welcome retirees with open arms, and it is true that a significant portion of residents in luxurious caravans belongs to this demographic. However, all it takes is a quick stroll around a park home estate to find a diverse range of people over the age of 50. Despite this variety, all residential park owners share at least one similar interest, which is the need to experience life to its fullest. Many park home owners reach the realisation once the kids have flown the nest that that not only is their house excessive in size, but also in cost. It doesn’t matter retired, semi-retired or still working; by freeing up the tied up equity in your house and downsizing to a park home, you’ll soon realise the potential you have in making the most of your hard earnt living, whilst making close friends with your new neighbours.



Myth #3 – It’s Impossible to Adjust to Park Home Life after Living in Bricks and Mortar

Some people assume there’s no way living in a park home or lodge could be as comfortable as life in a two-storey house, but again, this is untrue. Park homes can be up to 50 feet long and 22 feet wide with multiple bathrooms and bedrooms, providing ample space to live comfortably, and extra space for visiting family and friends. Don’t worry – you can still cook nutritious and delicious dishes in a kitchen packed with luxurious amenities, and you won’t have to give up your plasma TV to adjust to this new way of life. Residential park homes are often more luxurious than bricks and mortar, and many of them are supplied fully furnished with a wide range of completely customisable fixtures and fittings.


falseMyth #4 – Living in a Residential Park Home is Dangerous

It’s easy to think that a park home makes an easier target than a home for thieves and vandals, but residential park home estates boast security features and staff to ensure everybody remains safe at all times. In fact, you won’t find most of the security enhancements featured in residential parks on housing estates, and the peace of mind regarding your safety is included in the price. All in all, you can live a more comfortable life in a luxurious lodge surrounded by all the local facilities you require in a serene setting with like-minded people if you make the transition from bricks and mortar to a residential park home.


luxury park homesIf you’re interested in finding out more about our brand new residential luxury park home development at Presthope Grange in Shropshire, or any of our other residential parks in Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire or Shropshire. Please feel free to check out our list of luxury lodges for sale, or get in touch to discuss your financial options with one of our friendly team.  

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