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Why I Gave up Bricks and Mortar for Retirement

Apr 10, 2017 4:23:00 PM


An extract from Peter Willoughby - A Park Home Owner in Warwickshire.

"Most of us eagerly look forward to retirement as approach our golden years, but it’s not always easy to know how to make the most of the opportunity. Some people dream of travelling the world without the constraints of work commitments while others just want to relax and enjoy some peace and serenity. Unfortunately, funding your retirement, regardless of your ambitions, can be difficult, which is why people like me decided to give up bricks and mortar for something more modest yet equally as comfortable and more beneficial in many ways.

  I decided to sell my home for a handsome profit given its value had risen significantly over the years, but instead of downsizing to have some cash in the bank, I moved into a new park home development full of like-minded people. I’ll tell you why this move worked wonders for my quality of life, but first, let me explain why I felt compelled to give up my home in a built-up area.


Escape the Hustle and Bustle


As I approached my senior years, I started to feel tired of the cars and buses passing my home and the odd loutish group of youngsters walking by in the dead of night making enough noise to wake the whole neighbourhood. I lived in a semi-detached home in a busy area, which was perfect for when I need to use public transport to get to work. However, as soon as my time was my own, I saw little point in staying in a place that seemed to be more of a nuisance than anything else.

Additionally, though everybody’s experience differs, I found that I wasn’t quite as mobile as I’d been in my younger years, and walking up and down the stairs became a pain rather than a regular part of life. I didn’t want to use the stairs every time I needed the toilet or fancied a snack in the late night hours, and it was at this point that I considered selling my townhouse for a bungalow in a similar area.

However, as I was starting to consider the idea of relocating to a small cottage that would offer all the amenities I needed, I realised that it wouldn’t solve the problem of the noise outside, and I’d still have to spend a sizeable amount of money to purchase a new property. Around this time, I started considering another option.


Park Home Living


It still seems that a large proportion of retirees don’t examine the idea of living in a park home, but the benefits of doing so are almost endless. I only had to spend a relatively small portion of the profits from my home’s sale to purchase a park home, giving me plenty of spare cash to utilise in whichever way I wanted. You might not realise it, but park home living is just as luxurious as living in a property made of bricks and mortar, and I’m surrounded by people just like myself.

My park home is as large as a bungalow and packed with all the amenities I need to live a comfortable life, including a large kitchen, a luxurious bathroom, a king-sized bed and a living room that can accommodate friends and family comfortably. The shops are only a short drive away, and there are plenty of things to do and see in my area. Main roads are nearby, allowing my family to visit me with ease, and most importantly, my neighbours and I have a real sense of community, and the peace and quiet I can enjoy here beat anything you’ll find in a busy, built-up area. If you’ve never considered spending your retirement in a park home, you ought to think about how much it could improve your quality of life."


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