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Why Park Living is an Attractive Option for Seniors?

Feb 2, 2018 1:24:05 PM

 An comfortable place to live is one of the most fundamental needs and desires shared by most — and we can often spend much of our lives chasing the idea of our "dream home" until we finally find the right location. For many, that property is a spacious and functional house that offers the opportunity to start a family and raise children. Ultimately, though, there comes the point in one's life when what was once a "dream home" can become more of a burden than a joy. Managing a larger house can be expensive and difficult to maintain, especially for seniors experiencing some mobility issues.




Luxury park living opportunities offer an excellent alternative for seniors and their caretakers. "Downsizing" has grown in popularity for a good reason: it's a sensible solution that allows seniors to preserve their independence, continue to live in a home of their own, and enjoy an active lifestyle that doesn't centre around home maintenance. That's just the big picture, though — what about some of the other perks to park living?


The luxury of a private community luxuryparkliving_2-723498-edited.jpg

Peace and quiet — it's what we all want, right? In a luxury park home community, seniors have the opportunity to enjoy living on their lot with a home that affords them plenty of privacy. Not only that but because their neighbours will be similar individuals, your parents can expect a quiet environment. No unnecessarily noisy children playing nearby or romping through the garden, and no loud parties to lose sleep over late at night. With its private, serene atmosphere, a park home community delivers an attribute that is very important to many seniors. Meanwhile, shops and other enjoyable amenities are often just minutes away, providing a perfect balance.


IThe comfort of a place to call home



If downsizing and reducing the burden of responsibilities your parents feel as homeowners are essential to you, a park home offers many benefits in this area too. New construction often comes with a warranty that protects against significant faults and defects for years after residents arrive. Park homes offer plenty of options for individual touches, too, so it is straightforward to transform a house into a sanctuary. These luxury accommodations are easier to care for and require less overall upkeep. That leaves more time for exploring hobbies and local activities!

 The security that comes from a safe place to live

 Park home communities, set apart from nearby villages or towns, also provide a reasonable degree of safety for their residents. Not only is everyone in the same age group, but the community atmosphere can lend itself to safety in numbers. Alert residents are more likely to report suspicious activity to the authorities, and the entire community cares about preserving its atmosphere. When the hustle and bustle of city life have finally lost its appeal, moving your parents to a luxury park home where they will feel safe and happy is a superb idea. Instead, they can enjoy a home built with care, surrounded by good neighbours, and situated in natural surroundings.


Explore all the opportunities presented by park living

 Combined,these benefits and amenities offer seniors an exciting opportunity to find a second dream home that allows them to focus on doing what they want in life — not caring for an empty nest with mounting responsibilities. At Avon Estates, we've selected spectacular locations for park home communities that prioritise comfortable, independent living for your elderly loved ones. To find out more about what's on offer at Avon Estates, just contact us at your convenience.


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